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Reminder: Wine Blogging Wednesday #26 is Next Week

Where’s wino? No no, Beau over at Basic Juice isn’t asking us to find him next Wednesday for WBW #26, that’s just the name of this month’s theme. He’s shaken things up a little this time ’round. Instead of thrusting an explicity variety/locale upon us, he’s offering some options. And, instead of posting our tasting notes, he wants us to send them to him directly so we can play a little game of "where’s the wine from based on the tasting notes?" Learn more at Basic Juice…and we hope you’ll look for Wino next Wednesday.

Wine Blogging Wednesday #26 Announced: Where’s Wino?

Leave it to Beau to come up with a great, and innovative, theme for the next edition of everybody’s favorite wine blogging event. Rather than ask us to drink a bottle made with _____ grapes from ______ region that costs _____ dollars, he’s turned this WBW thing on its head. Instead, he’s given us a list of regions to choose from and he’s made a game out of it — Where’s Waldo style. When you post about your wine, don’t tell us the name or where it’s from. Why? Because the WBW participant that can guess the origin of the…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #25 Announced — Champagne. The Real Deal.

The Wine Blogging Wednesday train just keep chugging along, and in September Sam from Becks & Post is playing host. I’ve not met Sam yet (we missed one another when I was in San Francisco in June) but anyone who reads her always fun and entertaining blog knows, the girl loves her Champagne. That’s Champagne with a capital C, not sparkling wine. So, it comes as no surprise that she has chosen Champagne as the theme for September 13th edition of WBW. Taking part in WBW is easy. Go out and buy a wine that matches the theme. Drink it.…

Don’t Forget — Wine Blogging Wednesday #24 is Tomorrow

Don’t forget — tomorrow marks the two-year anniversary of Wine Blogging Wednesday, everybody’s favorite wine blogging event. To help us celebrate, the King of all wine bloggers, Alder of Vinography is hosting the event. He’s asked us to sample a white wine from the Loire Valley. So, run out and pick up your Loire white and join us tomorrow for Wine Blogging Wednesday #24.