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Lake Erie Wine Country: First Impressions


The importance of a first impression; as a new contributor, I understand it all too well… Will I be interesting, will I be informative, amusing, witty and knowledgeable…will I run out of adjectives? The first impression of the Lake Erie Wine Country is, brace yourself, grapes! (So much for interesting, witty and amusing.) A rather obvious statement I know, but this area is often referred to as the “Grape Belt.” The most common grape grown is Concord, a native variety that is most typically found sweetened and preserved and laying on top of your peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly…

50 States. 50 Wineries #11: Wills Creek Vineyards (Alabama)


You’ve probably noticed that "50 States. 50 Wineries. 50 Weeks." has become merely 50 wineries from 50 states. That’s just because it’s been so much harder to gather samples than I anticipated. So, instead of doing one a week, I’ll taste them as I can get them. The goal is still to taste, and write about, wine from each of America’s 50 states. This time around, we head to the deep south — Alabama — and Will Creek Vineyards. I knew that this project would lead to tasting some interesting wines made from grapes outside of the Vitis vinifera realm,…