White_1For those of us that have been participating in Wine Blogging Wednesday, it’s become a fun-filled monthly even that we look forward to.

It started with WBW #1 — New World (non-U.S.) Merlots…and was hosted by yours truly.

Then, Alder of the great wine blog Vinography hosted as we sampled Spanish Reds.

And, just two days ago, Viv and Seattle Bon Vivant hosted the third vintage of this event, choosing Aussie Shiraz as the theme.

I won’t spoil the upcoming annoucement of Wine Blogging Wednesday #4…but it’s coming in the next few days, and it’s being hosted by one of my favorite food/wine bloggers.

So…do you want to host WBW sometime? Send me an email and let me know. Slots are filling up quickly…but there are so many themes out there. I know I have a few ideas for the next time I find myself sans host!