Carrot7I’ve been visiting Schoharie, NY for four-plus years now. It’s Nena’s home town and we visit every couple of months to get away from the hustle of Long Island (and to visit with family of course). There are a few things that we do almost every time we visit and one of my favorites is our mandatory pilgrimage

Nena and her sister both worked at the Carrot Barn growing up and with such a place in town, there’s little need to buy produce at the grocery store. Local vegetables, potatoes, berries and apples are the main draw (for me anyway), with flowers, baked goods and country gifts in abundance as well.

Last Saturday, we headed down to the Carrot Barn once again…this time to pick out pumpkins for the annual Wine and Pumpkin Party, and to have breakfast.

place nicknamed the Carrot Barn is bound to have some carrot-based
goodies, right? Absolutely! Carrot cake…carrot cookies…carrot
muffins. But I usually stick to one of two things: raspberry muffins
and fresh apple cider doughnuts. Made fresh every morning, I’m usually
lucky enough to enjoy them when they are still warm from the oven.
Fresh, tender and delicious…I could eat the doughnuts by the dozen if
Nena would let me.

On this particular visit, I settled on a still-warm apple
muffin this time with a steaming cup of green tea. It doesn’t get much
better than that. Not the most nutrient-rich breakfast in the world,
but delicious all the same.

More pictures:

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