Have you ever found yourself staring at a wall of wine at th wine shop, with no idea what you should by?

Subconsciously or not, a wines label often jumps out at us all in that situation and affects our buying decision. I hate to admit it, but it’s happened to me to. (And the opposite is true, Nena and I often comment on the bad labels we see). Of course we know better — pretty labels often hide ugly wines — but we’re human and wineries put a lot of money and time into designing labels that will make us buy.

Well for Wine Blogging Wednesday #16 the obsessed one himself, Derrick of An Obsession With Food, is asking us to defy logic and surrender to label designs. That’s right, he wants us to Judge a Bottle by its Cover.

Now, if you know Derrick at all (or just read his blog) it might be a surprise that he chose this theme on his own. But, Derrick is always one to challenge us and our pre-conceived notions and as he said to me a few weeks ago "I didn’t define what a pretty label is…it’s totally up to the individual."

So go out there…find a bottle with a pretty label (to you) and join us on December 7th.