Posts Written OnDecember 06, 2005

WBW #16: The Lucky Country 2003 Barossa Valley

Did you remember to go out and get your "pretty label" wine? If not, shame on you for missing out on this month’s edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, the globe’s premier wine blogging happening. This vintage of WBW, brought to us by Derrick of An Obsession With Food, challenged us to judge a book by it’s cover…or more accurately, buy a wine based soley on its label. We all know that a wine’s label tells us absolutely nothing about the quality of the wine on the inside, but this is a great theme nonetheless. You’ll be shocked to learn that…

Brief Mention on Budget Living Online

It’s not very often that I get mentioned in the "real" media, but in checking my visitor logs this afternoon, I realized that I was mentioned on Budget Living in their "Where We’re Clicking" feature. Unfortunately, the link just says "Wine" but it does come to LENNDEVOURS. I doubt this is in the printed magazine, but if anyone sees it, let me know. I think it’s appropriate…I’m definitely living on a budget. Aren’t we all?

New Wine Blog: Water into Wino

There are new wine blogs popping up all over the place, but occasionally one catches my eye and warrants special mention here on LENNDEVOURS. Water into Wino is one such blog. It’s author is a mystery…but he/she has commented here a couple times and looking at the blog quickly (it just launched over the weekend) they’ve already reviewed a Long Island wine. Looks like he/she is a New Yorker of some sort…and he/she has friends who work in a tasting room on Long Island. Anyway, welcome him/her to the wine blogging world and check out the site.

Coming Soon: Castello di LENNDEVOURS

As some of you already know, Nena and I are buying a house — our first house. After weeks of waiting around for lawyers and banks to get everything together, we finally know when we’re closing: December 12th. We’re very excited (and freaked out) but one of our big projects will be to rennovate the kitchen (no surprise there I’m sure). I have a feeling that the on-going project will be chronicled here on LENNDEVOURS, so stay tuned. The kitchen, and the rest of the house, is realy a blank slate. We’re looking forward to making it ours. If I…