KitchenAs some of you already know, Nena and I are buying a house — our first house. After weeks of waiting around for lawyers and banks to get everything together, we finally know when we’re closing: December 12th.

We’re very excited (and freaked out) but one of our big projects will be to rennovate the kitchen (no surprise there I’m sure). I have a feeling that the on-going project will be chronicled here on LENNDEVOURS, so stay tuned. The kitchen, and the rest of the house, is realy a blank slate. We’re looking forward to making it ours.

If I don’t blog a ton over the next couple of weeks, I do hope that you’ll forgive me. Packing, moving and unpacking will consume us until the end of the month (and be fun with my sliced thumb). I promise to make up for it in 2006!