Better late than never I always say. (Okay, maybe I never say that because I’m typically not a very patient man. Oh well.)

I’ve finally gotten around to doing my half of the WBW/IMBB Fabulous Favorites Festival round up (see Alberto’s half). So, without further adieu…

Apparently Michelle of My Wine Education should have followed the rules (haha). She didn’t pick a favorite and her pairing of Biltmore House 2004 Syrah with pepper steak just didn’t get it done. Of course, rules are meant to be broken (and are broken regularly with these events!)

Catherine from Purple Liquid, which is one of my favorite blog names, had much better luck with her Summer Daube and Bandol combination. Would you believe that I’ve never tasted Bandol before? I need to pick some up soon to check it out.

I don’t eat a lot of fish, but when someome tells me about drinking red wine with fish, I always think salmon with pinot noir. As it turns out Red Wine with Fish did the same for the FFF pairing applewood grilled salmon with 2002 Chehalem Pinot Noir. A 2002 Oremus Late Harvest Tokaji was tasted for good measure.

Collin over at See Sip Taste Hear is a spotty WBW participant, but I always enjoy his blog and write ups. It sounds like the comibnation of cabernet sauvignon with lamb shanks (sounds delicious btw) was "right on"

Everybody’s favorite brit blogger, Andy of Spittoon, loves risotto.
In fact, it’s his "culinary tour de force" so it should come as no
surprise that he made a delicious rendition of chicken with broad
beans, porcini mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. The wine? Lurton Finca Las Higueras Pinot Gris 2005.

One of my all-time favorite wine blogs, brought to the masses by the Caveman, didn’t drink a white wine (can you believe it?), instead going with a Tuscan rose along side some delicious-sounding Mexican mole.

Steak and cabernet sauvignon. It’s among the wine worlds greatest
and most standard pairings. For the FFF, the fabulous Confabulist made
a particularly tasty steak recipe and a bottle of 1999 Louis-Laval Cabernet Sauvignon. Nicely done.

I love riesling and I love blackbeans, but I’ll admit to never trying to two together like the Laughing Gastronome did. It sounds like it was a great combination, and it’s one that I will definitely keep in the back of my mind.

I’m a little embarassed to admit it, but I’d never visited the Wine Wanker before now, but Jules’ pairing of vegetable stew with rosemary and spinach polenta with a 2002 Matayac Cahors turned out to be a great one. You can count me as a new fan, Jules.

A member of the Ohio wine blogging crew, Tricia
from Vin Vini Vino paired one of her favorite chardonnays with gourmet
meal of grouper cheeks with fiddlehead fern cream, sauteed ramps (yum)
and cremini, shitake, and oyster mushrooms with leek risotto
. What a meal…and she says it was "perfectly formed."

Vino Keeno offers Provencal vegetable grain with grilled steaks…all paired with Marietta Old Vine Red Lot #39. I really want to try this blend of zinfandel, carignane, petit sirah, syrah and cabernet.

The King of all wine blogs, Vinography, can always be counted on — for WBW participation and for wine pairing prowess. For this event, Alder paired 2002
Paloma Merlot, Spring Mountain District, Napa with grilled rib-eye with
chimichurri sauce and rosemary potatoes fried in duck fat
. Duck fat…perhaps he picked up some of that from fellow bay area blogger and duck fat expert, Derrick of Obsession with Food?

Wine podcast superstar Tim Elliott teamed up with food podcaster Anne Bramely of Eat Feed to pair pork with apples and brandy cream with White Rose Estate Pinot Noir from his cellar. Don’t forget that Tim is also playing host to June’s edition of WBW, featuring low alcohol red wine.

Jate of Winexpression tasted the only wine from FFF that I’ve actually had myself, pairing 2004 Andrew Lane Gamay Noir with broiled salmon. Again, I don’t eat much fish, but I can see this working nicely. I really enjoyed this wine when I had it a few months ago.

Zinfandel with pesto? Yup. Winecentric paired a garlic-heavy pesto with a Bearitage (California Meritage) that is heavy on the cabernet and zinfandel. Interesting indeed. Try it sometime.

Edward from Wino Sapien (and down under) came up with another interesting pairing that I probably wouldn’t have thought of — Lamb curry and Dolcetto. Much like I would, he typically matches curry with "a nice cold ale" but this "worked well" it seems.

And last but absolutely far from least, my co-host Alberto tasted several wines along with several pizzas
(what a great idea that I wish I had thought of). I’m not sure who told
him that wine doesn’t go with pizza, but he contends "whoever said that
wine and pizza do not match was probably talking nonsense (or simply
preferred beer with his pizza)." I love wine with pizza myself.

Thanks, Alberto, for conspiring with me for this fun event — and for all of the participants!