So I’m three days into my San Francisco adventure…and I thought I’d offer some little notes:

  • My current hotel, the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, is a nice place, but the wireless Internet access is awful. Just awful
  • Restaurant service here doesn’t seem to be as good as it is back home. On my lunch break today, I waited 20 minutes at an outside table at Nob Hill Cafe. I finally got a menu and then waiting another 15 minutes before leaving — hungry and annoyed
  • I had dinner at Cafe Claude tonight. It was pretty good. Solid coq au vin and a tasty, fresh salad of beets, snow peas and feta.
  • Enjoyed a bottle of 2004 Nalle Winery Zinfandel over the past couple of nights. It was much more balanced than a lot of zins…and thankfully, the ABV was under 14%
  • I bit the bullet tonight and picked up a bottle of CA chardonnay. I won’t go into details, but as I sit here sipping it’s making me miss home.

Nena joins me here in SF tomorrow and my conference wraps up. So, I’ll be on vacation soon enough.