Posts Written OnOctober 05, 2006

Reminder: Wine Blogging Wednesday #26 is Next Week

Where’s wino? No no, Beau over at Basic Juice isn’t asking us to find him next Wednesday for WBW #26, that’s just the name of this month’s theme. He’s shaken things up a little this time ’round. Instead of thrusting an explicity variety/locale upon us, he’s offering some options. And, instead of posting our tasting notes, he wants us to send them to him directly so we can play a little game of "where’s the wine from based on the tasting notes?" Learn more at Basic Juice…and we hope you’ll look for Wino next Wednesday.

Read Local: New Long Island Magazine — canvas

Long Island has more than its share of publications — too many in fact (and this coming from a guy who writes or has written for several of them). So many of them are the same — too many advertisements and too few interesting stories. Long Island’s newest magazine, canvas, is a little different. For one, the production value is through the roof compared to so many of the ad-supported papers in these parts. Two, the editor isn’t some just-out-of-college rookie or crazy person without any real talent. canvas’ editor, Ramin Ganeshram is an experienced journalist, editor and cookbook author…