Clovis_chardLast week I wrote about Clovis Point, one of the North Fork’s newest wine labels, but I didn’t say much about the wines themselves.

And many of you didn’t like that too much. I must have gotten at least ten emails saying "what about the wines, Lenn?"

So, here’s a brief rundown of the wines Clovis Point currently has available on their website:

Clovis Point’s 2004 Chardonnay ($13.50). This wine was fermented mostly in
stainless steel with just a little barrel-fermented chardonnay and Gewürztraminer added. With bright
fruit, super-subtle barrel notes and nice balance at
this price point, this was my favorite of the three wines. The Gewürztraminer brings a liveliness and spice that might be quite
refreshing once the weather warms again. For now, enjoy it with seafood
and appetizers.

Clovis Point’s 2004 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay ($22.50). As
its label would imply, this one was fermented and aged in French oak. The nose
offers vanilla-roasted apple, pear and subtle tropical aromas. Overall, it’s a bit quiet and might not be showing as well as
it will in another year or two. Apple, pineapple and nutmeg flavors
reside within medium body, but the finish is watery and flat.

Clovis Point’s 2003 Merlot ($18.50). This is a
blend of three different clones of Merlot (181, 1, 314) with some cabernet franc and petit verdot blended in. I found cherries, oak
and a little spiciness on the nose. This wine is definitely a
lighter-style merlot than most, but it has nice berry-cherry flavors,
low tannins and food-friendly acidity. I’d call this a “pizza and pasta
wine” but that has negative connotations. Think of it as an everyday
red that will go with a wide range of foods — but it’s certainly not a big, bold red that
is going to put Clovis Point on the map.