Screwcap1A little birdy has informed me that a well-known and well-regarded Long Island winery is preparing to make the leap into screwcap closures for some of it’s 2007 white wines.

Care to guess which winery?

Okay, I’ll just come out and tell you. It’s Paumanok Vineyards and I think it’s great that they are pioneering the use of screwcap closures here on Long Island. Kareem Massoud, who makes the wines with his father Charles, told me in an email today that:

"…we are currently planning to start bottling wine under screw cap with
our 2007 whites, that does not necessarily mean that all the 2007
whites will be bottled under screw cap.  Given that it is a new piece
of machinery, there is always a learning curve, not to mention sourcing
the correct bottles and screw caps.  Obviously, before we do it we want
to make sure that quality control has been perfected.

It’s about time that someone made this leap. And the best part is that it’s one of the best wineries, not one of the makers of cheap, sweet plonk.