By Kevin Burns, Beer Columnist

Southampton_double_white Our latest beer review comes from the Southampton Publick House on Long Island. Wheat beers are usually my favorite style for the summer, and Belgian wheats are known for the citrus, so it's not surprising that the brewers tout this Southampton Double White as "a stronger version of the classic Belgian white ale style."

The Southampton Double White poured a hazy, light golden yellow color with a pen-width white head. The aroma had mostly wheat with strong citrus and spice notes.

The body is smooth on the palate but crisp around the edges. There is a lot of wheat and a light sweetness up front. Bananas are apparent as well as citrus notes that lead to a very nice light finish with a light tart/sour aspect.

The beer left a small amount of spotted lace on the glass.

Overall, this is a great beer, a refreshing white ale that is perfect for hot summer days. The ABV is fairly high for a wheat so downing a six pack is not likely.

This beer is fairly versatile when pairing with food. Southampton Double White would go great with a light romaine salad made with pairs as well as a flaky white fish cooked with some white wine and garlic.

Producer: Southampton Ales & Lagers
ABV: 6.7%
Price: $2.25 (12 oz. Bottle)
(3.5 out of 5 | Very good-to-Delicious) 

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