As I promised last week, the next few days on LENNDEVOURS will feature a look inside the Thanksgiving plans of our contributors and readers.

Kicking off the week is Jason Feulner, our Finger Lakes Correspondent:

My Thanksgiving plans will
place me in a position where the choices of wine will be less than spectacular. 
As a guest at my in-laws, I will be subject to a choice between a mass
produced, generic California wine or a mass produced, generic Australian
wine.  Most of these wines are not awful by any stretch, but there
is nothing special about them even when they fit the meal nicely enough. 
They are the wines that are found at the front of the shop, cases piled
high, with a big discount sign hanging above.

Ultimately, wine is about enjoyment
and sharing its pleasures with others.  Despite the fact that my
wine tastes have matured considerably in the last few years, I will
never bring myself to consider the wine before I consider the company. 
I’m grateful that my wife’s family will generously provide what
will undoubtedly be a great meal, and I will make due with any beverages
that are available.  My own family barely even drinks at all, and
I find meals with them to be a wonderful experience.

I’m thankful for my family,
my wife’s family, and the time we spend together.  Right now,
the wine has to take a firm second place in terms of importance. 
Later, when our siblings grow older and we have children of our own,
I’m sure we will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or two.  These
events will give me a chance to share wine in my own style.

Other than my wife’s homemade
apple pie, I think I will bring along a good semi-dry blush from Keuka
and a 2003 chardonnay from Dr. Frank’s.  It is entirely
possible that these bottles will be placed immediately in the refrigerator
and forgotten before the meal even starts.  So be it.