Our little Local With Local project kicks off 2008 with another recipe from chef Doug Gulija from The Plaza Cafe in Southampton. This time around, we’ve paired a popular East End delicacy, Peconic Bay scallops, with a deliciously balanced barrel fermented 2003 Estate Selection Chardonnay from Wolffer Estate. As always, a big thanks goes out to by chef Doug and Ellen Watson, the photographic talent behind the above picture.

This is a terrific combo and I’m proud to say that this menu item is currently on the menu at the restaurant. Recipe behind the jump.

Seared Peconic Bay Scallops with Local Cauliflower-White Truffle Puree and Clementine Picatta

Serves 4


1 head     Cauliflower, cut
into florets
3 ounces  Butter, cut into
cubes, room temperature
4 ounces  Cream, heated
1 T           Truffle Oil
Salt and Pepper to

1 pound    Peconic Bay scallops
1 ounce    Grape seed oil
Salt and Pepper to

2               Clementines, peeled
and sectioned
2 t             Capers 2
2 ounces   Dry white wine
1 T            Parsley, chopped
2 ounces   Butter, cut into
cubes, room temperature
Salt and Pepper to

1 stalk       Leeks, cleaned and
Chive Oil



  1. Bring
    salted water to boil and cook cauliflower until tender
  2. Drain
    cauliflower and pass through food mill
  3. Slowly
    incorporate cream and then fold in butter
  4. Adjust
    seasoning and drizzle in truffle oil; reserve
  5. Season
    scallops and sear in hot oil
  6. Add Clementines and capers; deglaze with white wine
  7. Add
    parsley and then mount with butter
  8. Lightly
    fry leeks until crispy


  1. Portion
    puree in center of plate
  2. Top
    with scallop mixture and finish with picatta sauce
  3. Drizzle
    plate with chive oil
  4. Garnish
    plate with crispy lleks and chive spear