Wbwlogo_3The trusty Wine Blogging Wednesday logo that you see here has served us well. It’s been plastered all over the blogosphere, appearing on participant sites, host blogs and over on WineBloggingWednesday.org.

But, as everyone’s favorite virtual wine tasting event enters its 42nd edition, I think it’s time for a change.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the new Wine Blogging Wednesday Logo Contest, which starts today and will run until March 31, 2008.

At any point during that time, you can submit your logo idea via email to winebloggingwednesday@gmail.com. Once we’ve collected all of the submissions, we’ll post them to Flickr and everyone can vote for their favorite.

We don’t have any official prizes lined up yet, but isn’t the love and adoration of the wine blogging community prize enough? If you’re a blogger and would like to contribute to a prize pack, let me know.

So, if you’re a designer or play one on TV, make sure that you send in your submission by March 31. Spread the word, the more submissions we have, the better!