Mar2008_thumbThe March 2008 issue of canvas has been published, including my 250-word profile of Paul Dlugokencky, owner/brewer at Blind Bat Brewery in Centerport, NY.

As you’ll see in the profile, Paul will be opening (once he gets his state license) what very well may be the smallest commercial brewery in the country. He’s calling it a nanobrewery because he will start making only one barrel per week.

I was lucky enough to meet Paul and his wife, Regina, at the LENNDEVOURS/canvas drink local event Saturday night. We spent quite a bit of time talking about the joys of state licensing, growing figs on Long Island and various other beer/wine/food endeavors.

MattreginapaulThis picture (courtesy of Alex Wolff) shows Matt O’Grady, associate publisher of canvas on the left with Long Island’s newest taste-making power couple. If you look not-so-closely,  that’s me drinking wine over Matt’s right shoulder.

So why are they a taste-making power couple? Well, Regina is changing careers this year, moving from her job as a librarian to become an organic farmer at Sophia Garden in Amityville, NY.

Locally made beer and organic, local food. Worth keeping an eye on I think.