Merlot: "These merlot grapes at Channing Daughters are still hanging in big, robust bunches. They remain green for the time being; I did not see any sign of color change. I love the abundant, cascading look of these grapes….." – Ellen Watson


Chardonnay: "The late afternoon sun shines on the back of the bunch of chardonnay grapes at Channing Daughters Vineyard.  The cluster which had previously seemed to be defying gravity, has now begun to hang downward.  These grapes are appearing more translucent; less dense. The green of the grapes has more yellow and lightness to it. " – Ellen Watson


Pinot Grigio: "I was told on my first visit to Channing Daughters that the pinot grigio grapes would eventually be a “root beer” color. Today, there is a slight hint of brownish red beginning to appear on some of the grapes. The grapes appear plump and lush; they don’t look as firm as they originally did. There are nets over these grapes now to keep the hungry birds away…." – Ellen Watson