By Jason Feulner, Finger Lakes Correspondent

Riedel crystal is one of the more interesting facets of the greater world of wine business. Proponents laud the design of these stemware pieces and their supposed effect on the enjoyment of many different types of wine. Others think it’s a bunch of hooey.

While most wine enthusiasts concede that the shape and design of glassware can affect the presentation of wine, many observers have balked at the sheer number of Riedel pieces and have wondered aloud whether a dozen of, say, different chardonnay glasses really speak to the nuances of regional influence on one variety.

Whatever the case may be, Riedel is here to stay and their presence in the wine universe is becoming slightly larger. Through the efforts of Finger Lakes Wine Country and its partners, Riedel’s namesake, Georg Riedel, is coming to the Finger Lakes this week to preside over a tasting of Finger Lakes riesling. The series of tastings will help choose which of the existing Riedel riesling glasses best aids the natural aromas and flavors of the region’s standout variety.

I’m lucky enough to be attending dinner at Suzanne’s on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake this evening in honor of Mr. Riedel.

On Friday morning there will be a closed tasting using Riedel stemware consisting of a panel of professional journalists, critics, and winemakers at Sheldrake Point. And then that evening, I will be attending a more public tasting at Glenora and will be a tasting participant.

The overall goal of these tastings is, I’m told, to select a specific Finger Lakes riesling stemware piece. How this selection will manifest itself in terms of marketing outreach by Riedel or the Finger Lakes itself remains to be seen.

I’m sure this will be an exciting series of events and I will soon report on one of the more interesting developments to come to the Finger Lakes in some time.