Posts Written OnJanuary 16, 2009

Martha Clara Vineyards 2005 Estate Selection Cabernet Sauvignon

Long Island cabernet can be a not-very-tasty proposition. As consistently as vineyard managers can ripen merlot on this overgrown sand bar, cabernet does so just as inconsistently. Often, it doesn't ripen fully at all, leading to wines with overwhelming green flavors that are almost unrecognizable as cabernet sauvignon. As you might expect, a lot of this under-ripe cabernet ends up blended into other wines to mask its faults or is used to make rose or blush wines. Even at its best, Long Island cabernet sauvignon bears little, if any, resemblance to the hulking, muscular wines of Napa or Sonoma. Instead,…

In Memorium: Bob Palmer, Owner, Palmer Vineyard

I just heard some more bad news for the Long Island wine community. Bob Palmer, owner of Palmer Vineyards and president of the Long Island Wine Council passed away last night in Huntington Hospital. I don't have any details yet, but will add them to this post as I learn about them. Another sad time for a wine community that is still mourning the loss of another prominent winery owner.

PALATE Promises to be a Winter Warmer

By Jason Feulner, Finger Lakes Correspondent I grew up in Corning, NY, on the southern edge of the Finger Lakes. It has always been a great small city with a tremendous amount of beauty and culture. Every year, throngs of tourists stroll through the world-famous glass museum, visit the quaint shops on Market Street, and enjoy various outdoor music and art festivals. Of course, that all takes place in the spring and summer. Recently, I was surprised to see an announcement that Finger Lakes Wine Country and Corning's Gaffer District were hosting a week-long wine event called PALATE from February 16 through the 22. As…