The New York Cork Report is taking a summer sabbatical. A hiatus. Just some time away.

I created this site more than 12 years ago, publishing stories at least a couple times a week and other than a week off here and there — for family vacations — I haven’t stopped. The blogging and publishing world has changed a lot since I began. My life has too. So, it’s time to enjoy my summer with my family and figure out what comes next.

This doesn’t mean I won’t be writing and discovering new deliciousness in New York and beyond. I’m still writing for Suffolk Times/northforker. You can still follow my adventures on this blog’s Facebook page, its Instagram account, and will occasionally publish on Medium. You’ll also find my writing in some other places that I’ll share on the places I’ve already listed as they are available.

This isn’t goodbye by any means — just a “see you later.”