Posts Written OnFebruary 18, 2009

The Moment When a Finger Lakes Wine Lover Was Sold on Long Island

From left to right: Katie Feulner, Jason Feulner, Lenn Thompson, Nena Thompson, Evan Dawson, Morgan Dawson, Melissa Dobson, Rich Dobson By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Correspondent Everyone who loves wine has a memory that stands out with perfect clarity thanks to a single bottle of wine. We remember the meal, the lighting in the room, the conversations shared over the bottle. This is the power of wine. It is far more than a beverage. If we are fortunate, we have not one special wine memory, but many. I will never forget the moment I drank the first sip of Rosso del…

PALATE 2009: Atwater-Billsboro-LENNDEVOURS Tasting

Today, I'd like to thank the folks at Atwater Estate, including winemaker Vinny Aliperti (left),  assistant winemaker, Justin Boyette (right), and owner Ted Marks for their hospitality as we co-hosted a comparative tasting of 2007 wines. We had around 12 people join the tasting and I think it was a huge success, and even more fun. Nena shot some great video (we hope) and I'll be writing another post about the event, probably next week.

WBW #54: Piedmont: Ascheri 2006 Dolcetto D’Alba

I'm enjoying Finger Lakes wine country at the moment, but I did bring along this bottle of dolcetto for WBW #54 hosted by one of my favorite bloggers, David McDuff of McDuff's Food & Wine Trail. The theme this month, A Passion for Piedmont, was one I was very curious about as these aren't wines that I explore often. And sadly, I'm pretty sure that I haven't really explored them any further with this wine. I don't think bottle wasn't corked, but I think (hope?) that there was something wrong with it. It had a strong musty, stale flavor and…