Posts Written OnFebruary 23, 2009

Channing Daughters Winery 2007 Mosaico

When people not familiar with Long Island wine ask me to name my favorite winemaker or winemakers, Chris Tracy from Channing Daughters Winery always makes the list. In a wine community stridently devoted to making fine wine from Bordeaux varieties, he takes his cues from northern Italy. Many consider him an extremely creative winemaker, but what looks like creativity is really just a focus on and devotion traditional methods. That doesn't mean he's not creative though, as this blend shows. Channing Daughters Winery's 2007 Mosaico ($29) is a field blend of 32% pinot grigio, 29% chardonnay, 14% sauvignon blanc, 12%…

A List of New York Wineries That Oppose Grocery Stores Sales Proposal

There are wineries on both sides of this heated debate, but it seems as though the number of New York wineries against Governor Paterson's proposal to allow grocery stores, convenience stores, delis, gas stations, etc. (wherever beer is sold today). I haven't seen a list of wineries who support the proposal, but here is the list of those willing to come out against it. Note that this is a list of wineries who oppose the grocery store portion of the proposal, not just wineries who oppose the overall proposal.