By Kevin Burns, Beer Columnist

Bluepoint_blueberry Dan, one of this blog's most loyal readers, pointed out that all of my reviews up until this point have been big, hoppy beers. 

He's right, so this week I decided to review Blue Point Brewing Company's Blueberry Ale.  Fruit beers are not my all-time favorite style but I do enjoy certain fruit beers that are well made.   

This particular fruit beer poured an amber color with a nice white foamy head.  The nose is fruity with lots of blueberries and some light malt. 

The first sip is more blueberry fruit along with a light amount of malt and almost no hops. The finish is short and light without  much of an impact on the palate. 

This beer has a very light body is almost more like a lager then an ale. 

Overall, this beer is just okay, as there is nothing that really stands out to me at all. I have a feeling that this beer is made more for lambic or lighter beer fans, but there is a real lack of hop character.

The simple pairing here is a light romaine heart salad with fresh blueberries.  A dessert pairing would match this beer with a sweet blueberry cobbler. 

Producer: Blue Point Brewing Company
ABV: 4.39%
Price: $2.50 (12 oz. Bottle)
Rating:  15 (1.5 out of 5 | Not Recommended-to-Average)