ChippedhamBefore I continue with this post, let me just say that I am well aware that this isn’t even close to the authenic use of the term "BBQ." Though it is slow cooked (or at least it can be) and includes a yummy pork product, there’s no smoke and not even an open flame necessary.

As a kid, one of my favorite sandwiches was mom’s ham barbeques. They aren’t the most sophisticated or complicated sandwiches in the world but they are a ‘burgh tradition and — frankly — they are home for me.

You’ll noticed the main ingredient is "chipped chopped ham" which I don’t think I can order here on Long Island. Well, I could order it, but I would be shocked and amazed if the deli guy knew what I wanted. Basically, it’s shaved ham.

This is Mama LENNDEVOURS’ recipe…but there are many others out there, including this one from fellow Pittsburgh native Kate of Accidental Hedonist and one from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Mama LENNDEVOURS Ham Barbeques

1 lb chipped chopped ham

1 small can tomato sauce

2-3 T Heinz ketchup (has to be Heinz…it’s a ‘burgh thing)

1 t French’s plain yellow mustard
1/2 stick margarine
Hamburger rolls
Salt and Pepper

In a frying pan melt 1/2 stick margarine, pull apart the chipped ham
and add to pan. Stir  for 1-2 minute  until ham is coated and begins to change color. Add the tomato sauce, ketsup and mustard. Turn down heat to simmer, cover and let cook for 10-15 minutes.

Scoop out onto rolls and sprinkle with salt ane pepper.

Serves 5 (two sandwiches per person)