By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Because of various other projects I've been working on, I've gotten a bit behind on my review writing here on the site. This edition of Tasting Table cleans out the "left to write up" queue though, so I'll be able to start anew this weekend. 

Brooklyn Oenology 2006 Motley Cru ($18): Peppery, earthy nose with tobacco. Light black plum and blueberry fruit. Syrah comes through on the palate up front with lots of black pepper and earth. Sweet blueberry peeks in on mid-palate. Slightly gamy/meaty as well. A little too much vanilla-oak on the finish. Long, well-balanced finish. 25 (2.5 out of 5 | Average-to-Very Good)

Brotherhood Winery 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon ($15): Long Island fruit. Ripe nose of blueberry and blackberry with Robitussin-cherries. Juicy palate with cassis and cherries sprinkled with a little black pepper. Low oak, medium-low tannins. Good finish. 25 (2.5 out of 5 | Average-to-Very Good)

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2007 Lemberger ($25): Fruity nose of cherries and brown spice and toasty oak-vanilla. Medium bodied with black cherry and blackberry fruit. Nice spiciness. Medium-light tannins but great acid balance. A little too oaky in its youth.  30 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)  

Gramercy Vineyards 2008 Rose ($18): 100% merlot. Cherries, orange rind and a little dried autumn leaf on the nose. Nice varietal character. Red cherries on the palate with subtle herbs and earth. Great mouthfeel, medium body. Light cotton candy creaminess. Lingering red berry finish. 30 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)  

Harbes Family Farm 2006 Cherry Barn Merlot ($22): Sweet cherry cinnamon-spice, toasty oak, Thai basil and black pepper on a great nose. Simpler palate of red cherries, black pepper and herbs. Medium body, medium-low tannins. Medium-short finish. 25 (2.5 out of 5 | Average-to-Very Good)

Jamesport Vineyards 2008 Sauvignon Blanc ($22): Mangos, peaches, herbs and flowers on the nose. Peach and cantelope on the palate with tropical hints of mango and pineapple. Sweet fruit core, Great acidity. RS? 30 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)  

Mattebella Vineyards 2007 Famiglia White ($15): 100% chardonnay. Crisp apple/pear nose with wisps of vanilla cream. Medium-light body. Very apple-y with citrus zest. Light touch of oak — butterscotch — on mid-palate. Great acidity. Lingering finish. Nice, Old World style. 30 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)  

Onabay Vineyards 2007 Wild Ferment Chardonnay ($27 ): Ripe pears on the nose with baking spice, sweet corn and white flowers. Mouth-filling spice-roasted pear flavors with lemon curd. Creamy mid-palate, long, dry finish. Great acidity and balance. 30 (3 out of 5 | Recommended)  

Osprey's Dominion 2005 Cabernet Franc ($20): Bell and black pepper on the nose with red cherry, light oak and spice. Bright red cherry flavors with a little veg, black pepper and spice. Vanilla on medium finish. 25 (2.5 out of 5 | Average-to-Very Good)

SURU 2008 Pinot Grigio ($15): Fresh, simple pear and citrus aromas. Similar flavors on medium-bodied palate. Okay but not great acidity. Better than most Italian versions. Simple and thirst-quenching style. 20 (2 out of 5 | Average)