Pinot noir hanging in Heron Hill Winery owner John Ingle's Ingle Vineyard

By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief
Photos courtesy of Heron Hill Winery

Heron-hill-pinot-ingle This afternoon we have our second quick harvest update, this one from Heron Hill Winery in the Finger Lakes, where they picked pinot noir this morning from owner John Ingle's vineyard on Canandaigua Lake (John is pictured at right). 

The pinot block is only about an acre and they pulled in 2.3 tons of fruit today. Brix was 21.5 with pH of 3.46 and TA of 7.2 g/l.  

Assistant Winemaker Brian Barry says: "The pinot noir fruit from Ingle Vineyard is very clean and the juice has a nice color this year. These grapes are from one fo the two Pinot blocks at Ingle Vineyard. The brix are lower and the acid is higher, so we're waiting to harvest the other block, but it should be soon."

They are cold soaking the must today and inoculating tomorrow. 

Barry added "These grapes have better numbers than I've seen in a few years and very little manipulation will be required."