LogoBy Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

  I'm excited to announce today that, starting with our January selections, I'll be partnering with BacchusWineOnline.com for The New York Cork Club, the one-of-a-kind wine club featuring wines that I hand-pick every month.

Before telling you a bit about the new P00649partnership, I'd like to thank Greene Grape, a great little wine shop in Brooklyn for all of their help and support to this point with the NYCC. But, as a smaller wine shop not necessarily focused on New York wines, Greene Grape was no longer the perfect fit for the club.

Bacchus however, is the absolute 'perfect storm' of a wine shop for the New York Cork Club. They have an extensive and always-growing selection of New York wines already. It's a clear focus for the shop going forward too, which is easy for me to get excited about. They are also a larger shop, which means more room to stock wines and stronger buying power in the market.

Those alone would be attributes in a partnership like this, but add the fact that Bacchus is active in social media, including Twitter and TasteLive, and it truly is the perfect wine shop for me to partner with on the club. 

If you'd like some background on the club, I'd encourage you to visit the NYCC page. You can also see many of our previous selections listed here.

And, if you'd like to sign up — it does make a perfect holiday gift — visit our new sign-up page.