By Evan Dawson, Finger Lakes Editor

State police photos

Bro2TBro1wo men are charged with felonious assault after allegedly attacking the owner of a Seneca Lake winery on Saturday afternoon. Police say the attack happened at about 3:30 p.m.

Thomas Wulff, 28, and Michael Wulff, 27, of Pennsylvania, are accused of beating Dave Mansfield, owner and president of Three Brothers Wineries & Estates. Mansfield suffered a broken bone in his face and other facial injuries. He was treated and released from Geneva General Hospital.

The two men, who are brothers, were part of a large group touring wineries in a limousine. Winery general manager Erica Paolicelli was the first winery employee to ask the men to leave.

"The moment he walked in it was obvious that he was inebriated," Paolicelli said. "We've certainly handled some intoxicated customers before, but I've never seen a group of people so completely inebriated."

Paolicelli said that she approached one of the men and informed him that they would not be permitted to taste wine. According to winery staff, no one in the group was served any alcohol at the Three Brothers location.

 "I called our owner when I saw the man nearly fall down the stairs as he went to leave," Paolicelli said. She was concerned about the condition of the group, so Mansfield arrived to make sure they were safely leaving. According to witnesses, there was no argument or fight. Witnesses say that one of the accused brothers threw an unprovoked punch and then both men jumped on top of Mansfield.

A winery employee had to separate the brothers from Mansfield. 

"We don't want to cast blame on the limo company, but it's absolutely clear to us that this group could not have gotten this intoxicated simply tasting in wineries," Paolicelli said. She said that other wine trail members pour tastings conservatively and are careful not to serve potentially intoxicated customers.

"This doesn't happen on the wine trail. I'm sure some people will assume this is normal, but it's not. We have huge amounts of people come visit us and this never happens."

Paolicelli said Mansfield will return to work soon. The brothers have been remanded to Seneca County jail and are due in court tomorrow.