By Lenn Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Argetsinger The post-TasteCamp hangover has set in — a Meritage-style blend of relief, happiness and sadness, because it was such a great weekend with great people tasting great wines.

I (along with Nena and Jackson) head back to Long Island later today after an evening here outside of Albany celebrating Mother's Day with my in-laws. Everyone drank Finger Lakes wine, of course, though I did focus a bit more on some beer.

As my teeth enamel recovers from all that wine and I reflect just a bit on the weekend, I think the event was a tremendous success. Everyone involved — from the attendees to the members of the Finger Lakes wine community to the event organizers — seemed to truly enjoy themselves. Better still, the weekend went off just about without a hitch. For that, I have to thank all of our hosts throughout the weekend — and our attendees for (mostly) being on time for things and keeping us on schedule.

This isn't the official "thank you" post though — that'll come later today or tomorrow.

Instead, I just wanted to let everyone know that the event went incredibly well and that we're already talking about next year's event — and even that will very likely take place outside of New York.

That's right…we're taking TasteCamp national…or maybe even international.

In the meantime, Evan, Tom, Bryan, Julia and I will be discussing who wants to write about what from the weekend and we'll be posting links to various stories written by other attendees.