Posts Written OnSeptember 10, 2010

2010 Harvest Update: Cayuga Harvest at Bashakill Vineyards

Paul Deninno of BashaKill Vineyards sent an email this morning reporting that: "We pulled 4000 lbs. of Cayuga on Monday off 200 vines! This is going to be our Estate White Tail. It is 100% organically grown and I'm thinking of going sulfite free on this one. Usually I just put in about 30 ppm and have always been nervous about going totally sulfite free. Grapes looked so good I think I might go for it."

Breaking News: Beer and Cans an Eye-Catching Combo

By Julia Burke, Beer Editor Genesee Brewing Company in Rochester, New York recently announced the installation of a $3.5 million production line for the purpose of packaging beer in 24 oz. cans. Explaining the decision, the brewery’s press release cited customer demand for canned beers as well as sustainability factors and the visual impact of cans on retail shelves. Expect to see more of the brewery’s classics including Genesee, Genny Light and Genny Cream Ale in the can at your local beer retailer.  From large macro-owned breweries like Genesee to tiny craft breweries, cans are popping up more and more…