By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

Blizzard A nice bock warms the soul during the winter months. This one from Buffalo's Flying Bison Brewing Company pours a pretty black walnut hue into a pint glass, with one-finger head and delicate lacing.

The nose reminds me of Nutella: hazelnut and milky chocolate, with suggestions of soft pretzels rising behind the counter at a baseball game.

The palate hits all the style bases (sorry) — a roasty malt profile, showing more chocolate, nutty toast flavors and a texture that's chewy but not creamy, with a nice long bitter chocolate finish.

I cracked this beer while cooking chili and tossed a few splashes in; it added great flavor and made the beer/dish pairing all the better.

It's a solid bock and a terrific food beer for this time of year. 

Producer: Flying Bison Brewing Company
ABV: 6%
Sample Size: 12 oz. bottle
Stemware: 16 oz. lipped pint glass
Price: $8/sixpack
Score: B+