By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

Revised_darkhumor_Page_1A porter brewed with 100% brettanomyces, this is a collaboration beer brewed at Ithaca Beer Company with brewer Bobby Barrar of Iron Hill Brewing Company in Media, PA.

It takes on the delicious combination of dark and sour. A sexy brownish-black in a pint glass with a half-finger camoflage-brown head, Dark Humor is aptly named.

On the nose, chocolate milk (think Nestle Quick) and roasty malts are yummy and almost,  just almost, hide the whiff of sour cherry. That cherry's not shy on the palate though.

Delicious sour fruit cuts right through the milky texture, going from cherry to a deeper wild blueberry note for a taste akin to dark-chocolate-covered blueberries.

It's weird and funky, geektastic, and absolutely delicious. The finish is like biting into a giant hunk of dark chocolate with flecks of dried fruit. I dreamed about it later.

The fact that it is rather pricey — yet on tap literally around the corner from my apartment, at Goodbar — is a bit of dark humor in and of itself.

Producer: Ithaca Beer Company (with Iron Hill Brewing Company)
ABV: 7.5%
Style: Wild Yeast Porter
Sample size: 16 oz.
Stemware: Pint glass
Price: $8
Score: A-

Ithaca Beer Company
606 Elmira Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850