By Evan Dawson, Managing Editor

This list is a kind of public to-do list for me. It is not perfect or complete. This is not the list of the five best places to eat, or anything like that.

But anyone who lives anywhere (which accounts for most people) has a restaurant or two that they've always been meaning to visit, but haven't yet, or haven't in a while.

Here's my list. What's yours?

Restaurantbuildingoutside Pumpkin Hill Bistro, Aurora, Cayuga Lake

I'm pretty sure that everyone who's eaten there blows a gasket when they find out I haven't.

This is not intentional. But it needs to be rectified and soon. I mean, check out the menu.

Dano's Heuriger, Seneca Lake

I'm pretty sure the only reason Dano's doesn't get more love is because it's in that outstanding culinary alley that includes Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine, Red Newt Bistro, Stonecat Cafe and others.

But this is a place that's earned it's spot among food lovers.

Olney The Olney Place, Keuka Lake

This place, on Keuka Lake's east side, is a convenience store combined with a cult-famous breakfast and lunch spot. But they could get rid of all other food items and it would still be worth the trip for the Rachel sandwich.

Customers routinely tell owner Seth Olney that his Rachel is the best they've ever had. "They're right, of course," Seth says with a smile. "And it's always great to hear it."

Of course, you could always try the… Forget it, you're getting the Rachel.

Brown Hound Bistro, Naples, Canandaigua Lake

My wife has been after me to make a date at the BHB for several years now. I'll give it to the end of the summer. Promise!

Any place that lets you dock your boat

Seriously. How long does this opportunity last?