Tracy-weissTracy Weiss had her first glass of Manischewitz at age 11. She found it horrendous but knew someday (when she was of legal drinking age), she’d seek out better vino. At her alma mater Michigan State University, Tracy took advantage of half-off bottles on Wine Wednesdays. With clarity found from sampling different varieties, she began to mock girlfriends sipping Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. An oenophile is born. This paired well with a violent cheese obsession and further motivated her to eat her way through life. Blending her passion for the finer things with a Midwestern upbringing, Tracy likes to pair fabulous wines with Dominos Pizza and crappy Chinese food.

In a flurry of Parisian triple crèmes, Napa cabs, and pinxtos in San Sebastian, a decade of toiling in television and talent management flew by.

Abandoning the entertainment business to write (and eat) full time, Tracy now focuses her culinary and wine interests closer to home splitting time between Manhattan and the North Fork of Long Island. She currently freelances for food, wine and lifestyle publications while working on her upcoming website and first book.

When not scribbling, Tracy enjoys oysters, all things pumpkin, cult television shows and bubbly from any region.

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