By Julia Burke, Beer Editor

ImageA good winter stout in a can. I dig it — great packaging and I have to admit I like the visual and tactile experience of popping a can of stout.

Diesel looks scrumptious in the glass: an eponymous black and pours a nice one-finger head with beautiful lacing. Like many stouts, this beer needs to warm up to cellar temperature to before any of its wonderful flavors wake up.

After a few minutes, rich malty aromas of toffee, coffee, and licorice emerge, making for a welcoming, sumptuous nose suggesting a winter ale; the palate, however, shows just a flash of sweet maltiness before the cold shower of a substantial hop profile.

There's a little bitterness from the roast, too, making for more than enough zip to balance out that hint of sweetness. Diesel's only 6.3% ABV but feels a little boozier, likely due to the rich malt character.

This is a punchy, interesting winter brew, with a deceptively malty nose but a surprisingly hoppy finish. I'd like to see it paired with big ole porterhouse, my beef-and-not-Guinness stew, or an aged Gouda.

Producer: Sixpoint Craft Ales
Style: American Stout
ABV: 6.3%
Sample Size: 16 oz. can
Stemware: 12-oz wide-mouthed goblet
Price: $2.50/can


(3 out of 5, Very good/Recommended)

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