By Lenn Thompson, Executive Editor

TT_NYCR_headshotThe goal here on the NYCR is to cover every corner of the New York wine, beer and spirits world. While we don’t have someone on the ground in every region — most notably the Hudson River Region and Lake Erie wine country — I think we do a pretty good job accomplishing our goal.

I’ll be honest about it too — I hadn’t even considered Northern New York as a true wine region. Not yet, anyway. But after speaking with our new Northern New York Correspondent, Todd Trzaskos, a few times, I’ve gotten an education on the budding region.

There isn’t a large number of commercial wineries up there yet, but from the sounds of it, there is plenty of passion to go around amongst those working in the nascent industry.

Todd, who is from upstate New York and lives just across the border in Vermont, is going to bring us those stories. He knows many of the players because, in some ways, he is one of them. He is a volunteer and test winemaker at the Cornell Baker Farm, a cold-hardy hybrid trial vineyard, in Willsboro, NY and you may also know him as the man behind Vermont Wine Media.

I’ve asked Todd to begin his work with us by writing a story that provides and overview about Northern New York viticulture and winemaking. Look for it soon.