Posts Written OnDecember 11, 2012

Op-Ed: Contract Brewing Just Isn’t Craft Brewing (Greg Doroski, Greenport Harbor Brewing)

These opinions are mine and don’t necesarily reflect those of my employer, Greenport Harbor Brewing, but I take great pride in brewing craft beer for a living. I take comfort in brewing beer at Greenport Harbor Brewing, where we made the decision to reject the opportunity to have another brewery brew our beer. While it might seem obvious that a business that calls itself a brewery should actually brew beer, there are far too many “breweries” that brew little, if any, of their own beer. Although the Brewer’s Association trade group reported an overall drop in contract brewing in 2012, the…

Martha Clara Vineyards 2011 Gewurztraminer

Surprisingly subtle on the nose — gewurzt is usually much more effusive — aromas of underripe melon and kiwi are joined by subtle varietal floral/lychee notes. A bit dilute and light both in terms of body and flavor. Some residual sugar, but ultimately the snappy acidity comes off a bit shrill because there isn’t enough body to balance it. Producer: Martha Clara Vineyards AVA: North Fork of Long Island ABV: 10-.5% Price: $21* (2 out of 5, Average)