Keegan Ales began brewing in an abandoned brewery in Kingston, NY around 2003. Since then, their beer lineup (especially the Mother’s Milk) has been a major staple in the Hudson Valley and New York beer scene. They now contract brew some of their beer in Stratford, CT.

I like pouring this milk stout from the bottle with some vigor, which creates a nice frothy head and gets all the Oedipus complex out. The stout is mostly black, with a rich brown layer of foam. The nose is more grassy and dusty at first but leads to some sweeter aromas like chocolate and roasted coffee bean as it sits.

The flavor profile is kind of what you’d expect from a stout but with a sweeter finish. Toasted marshmallow and black coffee flavors stand out most. The best part about this beer is the thick “milky” texture and abundance of malt. This quality makes it feel like you’re drinking a root beer float. The sweetness and maltiness of the stout dissipate quickly on the finish leaving without much bitterness.

It’s one of the only stouts that I can drink all night.