This is a happier Friday than usual at NYCR headquarters. Why? Because the New York Cork Club — our New York wine club — is back.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with The Cellar d’Or in Ithaca, NY to bring the club back.

For those of you who were members of the club when we were working with the now-closed New York wine superstore Empire State Cellars, we’ve simplified and scaled back the club significantly.

Every month, I’ll pick two wines that will never exceed $60 plus shipping and we’ll send them to you. It’s really that simple. In the height of summer, I may pick two whites or a rose and a white. In the fall, maybe I’ll do one red and one wine. Or maybe I’ll pick two sparklers if they strike my fancy. I doubt we’ll get close to the $60 maximum often, but I want the flexibility to include a higher-end, age-worthy red, sparkling wine or dessert wine if one comes along.

The first shipments will go out the first week of May. The wines haven’t been selected yet, but if you want in on that first shipment, you need to join by the end of April.

Join Now on The Cellar d’Or Website