Editor’s Note: This is my latest New York-focused piece for Beverage Media

Though they haven’t saturated the metropolitan New York market by any means, New York wines aren’t the new kids on the block anymore. Rather than look to distant lands for “the next big thing,” enough intrepid buyers have looked in their own backyard to raise the profile of New York State wine to at least a known quantity.

Many of the top — the classic ones, really — are known quantities. Wines from stalwarts like Hermann J. Wiemer, Paumanok Vineyards, Dr. Konstantin Frank and Channing Daughters Winery hold their own on shelves and lists throughout New York City.

There’s a reason wineries like these are popular and have earned the attention that they have: consistency. Pick up a bottle of wine with their name on it and it’ll be good, regardless of vintage. It wont’ taste the same year after year — that’s the reality of cool-climate viticulture and wines — but the quality will be there. Consistently.

Still, there’s so much more.

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