The November 2015 wines for the New York Cork Club will be shipping out to our members soon — so it’s time to give you peek at the picks.

Harvest 2015 has mostly wound down across the state with many winemakers pressing off the last of their reds over the next couple of weeks.

I’m looking ahead — to Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday and it is that holiday that inspired this month’s wine picks. Both are great picks for a diverse, turkey-focused dinner and they will both be served at the dinner I’ll be hosting with my family.

Paumanok Vineyard 2014 Chenin Blanc — If you’ve been around this club for a while (through it’s various iterations) you know that I’ve included this wine before, but usually right when it’s released in the spring or early summer. This year, I’m finally able to include it later because higher production means it isn’t already sold out. As much as I like this wine right from the tank upon release, I think I like it better now. Some of the crispy edges have softened and the floral and fruit notes have blossomed (pun semi-intended). It’s tasting great right now.

Leonard Oakes Estate Winery 2014 Petillant Naturel Riesling — Riesling is a must-drink for many of us on Thanksgiving. So is sparkling wine. With this pick, we hit both notes. Winemaker Jonathan Oakes has been working hard on a new sub-portfolio of experimental wines, including this method ancestral riesling made with fruit grown along the shores of Lake Ontario. It is bone dry and shows a ton of varietal character — lime, peach and green apple — with bubbles that make the wine more frothy than outright sparkling. Pop the top while you’re cooking or with a meal. You won’t be sorry.

I hope you enjoy these picks. If you haven’t yet, sign up today…

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