It’s been a long journey to get here, but this is my first-ever cider review. In a few ways, it’s only fitting that it’s Eve’s Cidery 2014 Northern Spy ($17/750ml). First, it was a bottle of Eve’s Cidery Perry Pear — a gift from a friend — that really opened my eyes to the possibilities that lay beyond the commercial-style ciders and perrys that I’d had in the past. Second, Eve Cidery’s Autumn Stoscheck then nudged me along toward this moment by suggesting that the New York cider community needed someone like me to start paying attention to it. She then sent me some ciders to taste.

Finally, after tasting through those bottles as well as a dozen or so other bottlings from various locations and of varying quality, I think Eve’s Cidery 2014 Northern Spy is a good gateway cider for white wine lovers.

There are distinct floral and lemon-y accents to the bright, tart apple aromas. The first sip is quite tartly acidity and just a bit tannic (think green apple skin) and persistent carbonation that heightens the perception of both. More apple and citrus flavors are joined by a clean, rainwater minerality on a long, dry finish.

It’s clean, fresh and refreshing

Producer: Eve’s Cidery
Region: Finger Lakes
ABV: 8.1%
RS: 0.3%
TA: 7.2 g/l
pH: 3.5
Apples: 100% Northern Spy
Production: 630 cases
Price: $17 (sample)
Rating: 90