New York wine remains the core of this website, but — as you’ve probably noticed — I’ve started to stretch my legs a bit. I’ve been learning about and tasting wines from other eastern states, which I’m arbitrarily defining as any state that isn’t California, Oregon or Washington, more. My time organizing TasteCamp up and down the east coast, as well as my time on the Drink Local Wine board, taught me something: there are some seriously delicious wines made in places even a local wine advocate might not expect — places like New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Vermont, Maryland, Pennsylvania and North Carolina etc.

Many of these wines go largely ignored by the wine press, almost like New York wine were largely ignored when I started this site more than a decade ago. It’s time for me to start telling the stories of these wines and the people behind them.

With this new direction in mind, I’ve decided to expand my now-annual rosé to these other states. In addition to an extensive group of Finger Lakes and Long Island rosé, I’ve already been able to get my hands on several bottles from some of these other states. I’ll continue to chase them down ahead of my tasting in mid-June.

I’m excited about this exploration. The focus is on dry (or nearly so) still wines. I could see this being the template for far more tastings like this one. I’m just going to need an intern to help keep me organized.

Look for the report in late June.