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LENNDEVOURS and Wine Blogging Wednesday in the Baltimore Sun

Hey guess what? LENNDEVOURS and Wine Blogging Wednesday both got a little print publicity over the weekend in the Baltimore Sun. The article, which ran in the paper’s "Ideas" section, was written by Troy McCullough and it’s a nice piece about everyone’s favorite virtual wine tasting. He does say this about WBW though: "A collection of blog posts, no matter how well-written, surely is a cold, cruel substitute for an actual wine event." Perhaps he’s overstating for effect, and it’s hard to argue that any virtual wine event is as fun as a similar event in the "real world"…I don’t think…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #31 Announced: Non-Traditional Packaging


Okay everyone…get you box wines ready! Actually, you don’t have to review a box wine for the next edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday, this time hosted by Box Wines Blog. — Tetra packs, Tetra boxes and other non-traditionally packaged wines are fair game too. This should prove an interesting theme for everyone’s favorite wine blogging event. I hope that some people delve into their parents’ cellars and pull out some Almaden or Franzia too. Me? For the second month in a row, I’ll have to leave New York wines behind…no one here is doing anything that interesting with packaging.So, join…

WBW 30 Round-Up Posted at


Leave it to Tim Elliott, he of my favorite wine podcast,, to break the record for Wine Blogging Wednesday with his theme of New World Syrah. Despite only taking over as host last minute because the original host went AWOL, WBW’s top arm out of the bullpen came though with a great theme, great promotion of that theme and 50 participants reviewing a grand total of 70 wines. Thanks again, Tim, for coming through in the clutch and putting together a great edition of WBW. For all of you WBW lovers out there, stay tuned for the next edition,…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #30 Announced: New World Syrah/Shiraz


Can you believe that February 7 is the 30th installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday already? It seems like only yesterday that I stole borrowed the idea for Is My Blog Burning and turned it into a wine event. Anyway, here we are at #30 with Tim of Winecast serving as host. I’d like to thank him for filling in for the scheduled host, who is AWOL. I know what Tim’s original them was (not going to ruin the surprise for a later WBW vintage) but it wasn’t particularly seasonal. So, he turned to a wine that we both think will…

WBW #29 Roundup Posted at Fork & Bottle


Sorry folks…I’m a little behind on some administrative-type posts. The roundup for WBW #29 has been posted over at one of my favorite food and wine sites, Fork & Bottle. In case you missed it, there was an interesting discussion between some local industry types in the comments of my own entry. Clearly, the term biodynamic gets people riled up-on both sides of the fence. Thanks to Jack and Joanne for hosting the latest edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday.

Wine Blogging Wednesday #29 Announced!


Jack and Joanne (of Fork & Bottle) are playing host and hostess for the first edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday in 2007. The theme? Biodynamic wines. That means that the wine you choose should be made biodynamically or with fruit from a biodynamic vineyard. Jack also asks the questions:  What  sets these wines apart are their purity of fruit, and perhaps, freshness. Do you agree? What are your thoughts and experiences? Is there a profile for these wines? Because of the holidays, we’ve pushed WBW to the third Wednesday in January this time around. So, join us on January 17…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #28: Martha Clara Vineyards 2001 Rose Brut (North Fork of Long Island)


Wine Blogging Wednesday is here yet again, with Brenda aka the Culinary Fool playing the role of hostess with the mostest. The theme — Sparkling Wine not from Champagne. I love many of the local sparklers here on Long Island. Our relatively cool growing conditions seem to lend themselves to the craft of methode champenoise. But which bubbly to choose for WBW? A new release caught my eye…and my palate as well. Martha Clara Vineyards, named after Martha Clara Entenmann (of Entenmann bakery fame), might be best known for their always-fun events and always-packed tasting room, but winemaker Gilles Martin…

Wine Blogging Wednesday #27 Announced: Ice Ice Baby

Photo taken by Dominic Rivard. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License v. 2.  I’ve long loved ice wines and ice-style wines (those that are made by frozing grapes in a commercial freezer rather than leaving them to freeze on the vine). The best versions are rich, succulent and sweet…but always have a burst of fresh acidity that brings balance and life on the palate. So, it is with much pleasure that I announce Wine Blogging Wednesday #27, hosted by the Kitchen Chick. The theme is Icy Desserts — ice wines that is. Luckily, she’s not being a stickler, so…

WBW #26: The Contest


WBW#26 host Beau Jarvis of Basic Juice has compiled the tasting note from Where’s Wino?, but now comes the fun part. Head on over to Basic Juice and try to identify the 19 mystery wines. No, you don’t need to guess producer, vintage and varietal. You only have to guess the origin. And yes, there are even prizes. Just get your guesses in by this Saturday (October 21).