Photo taken by Dominic Rivard. Licensed under Creative Commons
Attribution ShareAlike License v. 2.

I’ve long loved ice wines and ice-style wines (those that are made by frozing grapes in a commercial freezer rather than leaving them to freeze on the vine). The best versions are rich, succulent and sweet…but always have a burst of fresh acidity that brings balance and life on the palate.

So, it is with much pleasure that I announce Wine Blogging Wednesday #27, hosted by the Kitchen Chick. The theme is Icy Desserts — ice wines that is. Luckily, she’s not being a stickler, so you don’t need to find a 100% authentic, frozen-on-the-vine version…any wine made with frozen grapes will do.

I’ve long lauded the ice-style wines from Long Island and upstate New York…so I’ve got quite a few to choose from.

Join us on November 8 for the icy cold fun.