After uncorking the idea back in July, World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday #1 has drawn to a close. In total, 17 1/2 world wide wine lovers took part, with wines from Chile, Australia and Argentina represented. We even had a white wine entrant…for our Merlot event (sorry Jennifer, coudln’t resist!).

First, we’ll start with Irene and Greg over at Cuisine Capers. A member of the Chilean Merlot contingent, she tried Marques de Casa Concha 2002 Merlot , which had a good nose for the price ($14) and Greg thought it was “a decent wine for the price.”

Next in line with Chilean wine was Clotilde over at Chocolate and Zucchini, who, after much searching, was able to find a bottle of 2000 Las Ninas Merlot and, after an unimpressive tasting, wondered if her French palate wasn’t at least partly to blame. Clotilde gets a special thanks for her dedication…apparently it’s real tough to find New World wine in France!

E.C. at Medmusings kept us in to Chile with a bottle of 2001 Santa Ema Reserve Merlot, with better results than most participants.

Kate, our favorite Accidental Hedonist aslo tried a Santa Ema Merlot, this one a 2002 non-reserve. The result: “certainly not a horrible wine, and at 8 bucks a bottle, worth it.”

IMBB? #7 hosts, Too Many Chefs , picked up a bottle of Casillero del Diablo by Concha y Toro…again, from Chile. And, with typical humor the wine was found to be “rather wild, slightly harsh and immature, like a Beaujolais in Miami beach on a spree with her daddy’s credit cards.”

Alder at Vinography actually sipped two different bottles — way to take one (err two) for the team. The first (another Chilean) was a 2002 Morande Merlot while the other was our first trip Down Under — 2002 Trevor Mast “Four Sisters” Merlot. Alder is one of my favorite wine bloggers…so definitely check out his notes.

Marta of SlowTrav actually tried Veramonte 2002 Merlot Casablanca Valley, which I’ve had before! And, I concur with her thoughts that “I did enjoy this wine and would recommend it to others who were looking for a good buy on a Merlot.”

Daphne, who runs Edible Tulip, posted a day late…but I’ll include her experience with yet another Chilean Merlot anyway! Welcome aboard.

Rounding out our Chilean entrants, Alberto, founder of the seminal online foodie event that started it all, Is My Blog Burning?, remembered about WWWBW at the last minute, but, thankfully, was still able to participate after getting his hands on Las Garzas 2002 Colchagua Valley Merlot. Check him out in the Italian section of eGullet Forums as well.

An Obsession with Food’s founder, Derrick, took us back to Australia with 2002 Amaroo Merlot. He was true to his obsession as well…posting some picture of the vittles he nibbled on with this low-tannin vino.

Anthony, from down under at SpiceBlog, stayed in his homeland, yanking the cork on 2002 Yalumba Vintage Merlot. I’ve had some Yalumba wines, so I was glad to see a native drinking one too.

my little kitchen had her little comparative tasting of Merlots–one Chilean and one Aussie, with a clear winner.

Heading back to South America, I tried a bottle of 2003 Trumpeter Merlot from Argentina, finding it above average but not overly so. The folks over at PurpleSunshine joined me in Argentina, picking up 2002 Los Cardos Merlot, giving it a 17 out of 20 and a 12.5 out of 20 (there’s two of em).

Alice from a blog that’s new to me, Bread Box, grabbed some Paul Hobb’s LaGarto Merlot from Argentina at least partially because of the “cute lizard on the label.” And, once it was given a chance to breathe…it turned out to be pretty tasty too it seems.

Another of my favorite bloggers, VittlesVamp, almost participated…posting a wine she’s had before…she’s the 1/2 by the way.

And…that leaves us with one winelover left, Jennifer at Domestic Goddess and her Semilliion-Chardonnay blend. Yes, you read that right. Despite the Merlot theme…a red wine…she ended up reviewing a white. Oh well…we’ll let her play with us anyway 🙂

Coming in just under the wire…is the Seattle Bon Vivant, who has sampled the wine…but not posted yet. I will update this round up once she’s done.

So there you have it folks. Thanks to EVERYONE for participating. I think, overall, that we found that while some of the wines were good, any deemed good seemed to have “for the price” as a caveat. Of course, I don’t think any of us expected to be blown away with the wines for this trial run of WWWBW, the regions we all tried are known for value wines…and I think we found that.

Is everyone up for round two in October?