Willow A couple months ago, I edited/reviewed my friend Tracy’s doctoral thesis for her. After almost putting me asleep with her piles of information and research projects on Achille’s tendon injuries…she figured she owed me.

I wouldn’t accept cold cash…so she decided to send me some wine instead. This bottle of 2001 Willowcroft Vineyards Cabernet Franc was the first I opened–my first wine made in Virginia.

Eyes: Juicy, brick red. Looked like…well…a Cab Franc.

Nose: Again, very varietal. Lots of berries (blueberries) and chocolate.

Tongue: Light and juicy, it exhibits lots of blueberry/red cherry with hints of chocolate and white pepper. Soft, but noticeable tannins provide a nice feel. The finish was much longer than I expected and quite nice.

Price: $16 on FineWine.com

Food: I drank this sans food, but I think it would go well with grilled slabs of meat.

Overall: I like Cabernet Franc a lot and this one was quite nice. I’d definitely drink it again and it has me curious about other Willowcroft offerings.