It seems like new wine blogs are popping up every day on Wine Blog Watch. Some are actually new while some have been around a while but are just now being listed, inlcuding a couple from down under.

I’ve started reading the following and think you might enjoy them too:

  • Appellation Australia explores, you guessed it, Aussie wines. It’s a very new site having just launched on January 21st.
  • Pinot Island is another wine blog from down under…Tasmania to be more specific. Lots of great information for those interested in wines in that region
  • Grape Radio is one part blog, one part podcast wine radio. I’ve listened to a couple of the broadcasts, and their quite good. I look forward to seeing where they go with the radio show. Maybe they’ll do something on NY wine sometime.

It’s great seeing the wine blog community grow and grow…even if it means it takes me a lot longer to read them every day!