Posts Written OnMarch 16, 2005

A Discussion About Rating Systems

Tom over at Fermentations has started an interesting discussion on different rating systems. If you check out his post, you’ll see that I wrote a pretty lengthy comment about it. I won’t re-write it here, but this is something I consider often… Also, he points to Swirl & Sniff (whose rating system started him thinking)…it’s a nice site…check it out.

LENNDEVOURS 2nd Wine Tasting — One You Like. One You Might.

We started by tasting over a dozen Long Island Pink Wines…but, much to my (pleasant) surprise, members of the LENNDEVOURS tasting panel demanded some red wines the next time around! Who am I to object? That’s right…I’m no one. The people have spoken! The first event, with a over dozen people, was a bit of a logistical nightmare in our little beach bungalow of house, so this event is being scaled down…way down. In fact, we’re cutting it in half. We have seven people coming Saturday night at 6 p.m. For those of you not coming to this round, fear…

Who Knew Chardonnay Could Age So Well?

Whew. Last night’s vertical tasting of estate selection chardonnay at Wolffer Estate was an absolute blast and highly educational. I’ve got piles of notes that I need to wade through for a full post (along with some pictures) so stay tuned. Any time that you have the winemaker and the vineyard manager in the same room, it’s fascinating to hear both perspectives. I have to say, I was a little surprised when I walked it an the winemaker, Roman Roth, told me we’d be starting with a 1992 vintage. Conventional wisdom says we were in for some not-so-good wines early…